- Steve K., Minneapolis, MN

In my opinion, for anyone truly committed to teaching the art/science of shooting a basketball, this e-book is the ultimate single source that brings it all together. The seven distinctions establish a foundation that coaches and players can base all subsequent drills and training upon.   As I assist my daughter in her shooting, we work within the framework of the seven distinctions, BUT it is doing things like "opposites", "self awareness", "asking yourself what happened." These concepts  establish a true learning process, as opposed to the physical act of taking 100 shots per day.  In our 30 second, microwave society, many will say there is too much here, but I feel the opposite. My 5 year old calls his misses "learning shots", he used to get mad and kick the ball and storm inside. He has accepted the outcome of a miss as a way for his body to make the adjustment--no 
emotion, frustration or anger. So, he is now appreciating and enjoying the idea of learning AND becoming a good shooter.

Thanks again for your e-book. It is a great piece of work.