Give the surprise of knowing how to shoot!

Surprise that player or coach in your family with the Swish videos!  As you come to know the Swish Method, you'll see it's exactly what Curry is doing that sets him apart from others.  As you learn and perfect the Swish shot, you will not only shine as a "shooter" – you will also become aware of what the great shooters are doing that helps them excel.

--------------------------------------- now operating from Minnesota!

Tom & Jeanne have moved back to their hometown of Minneapolis as they turn the reins of Swish International over to a younger generation. Tom has returned to where it all started and is turning his focus on training coaches and trainers in the Swish Way.


Become an extraordinary Shooter!

Do you want to make baskets consistently, be a "Shooter"?

Coaching and learning to shoot a basketball is the focus of this website. Three easy-to-follow, full-length instructional videos – plus blogs, clips, etc. – show how easily the skill can be learned.