Let's Look at the Hand Position

As I was practicing recently, having fun learning and observing the learning process (and drilling shots from 6-10 feet away, over and over and over), I noticed recently the very important thing we can call the Hand Position. Where the hand is in the setting and release of a basketball is critical for control and accuracy.

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Basketball Shooting : How to Get Accuracy, Consistency and Repeatability

I just did some clinics in northern California and noticed again the critical nature of these three qualities in a player's shooting. To shoot well, you have to have ACCURACY under control. Direction is critical, especially for the longer shots and the three's when the basket gets smaller and smaller and there's less room for error. CONSISTENCY in shooting performance is also needed, else your results will be streaky and spotty. And REPEATABILITY is the name we give to a motion that is so learned and mastered it can go on automatic.

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Whose "Fundamentals" Are They Anyway? (A New Look at the Fundamentals of Basketball Shooting)

What are the so-called "Fundamentals" of shooting? This reflection was triggered in late 2005 by viewing some of my collection of shooting videos, DVD's and CD's, including some new ones I recently got. (I thought to update it as of a year later, with some new insights.)

Though there is some consistency of thought, I find a lot of differences, too. And some of the things that many of these people agree on are totally contrary to what I've discovered in my own exploration of shooting.

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