The Lost Art of Basketball Shooting

There's something wrong in the game of basketball. Kids and players at all levels of the game can't shoot. In fact, shooting percentages have been declining for 20-30 years or more. In the decades of the Slammin' Jam and heroic 3-Pt Shots, the middle-range jump shot and the free throw have been ignored ... much to the detriment of the game. Statistics from High School Associations, the NCAA, and from professional sources confirm declining percentages at every level of the game. Failure at the free throw line in top college and NBA games is shocking.

But There's Good News...  Despite the staggering decline of this art, shooting jump shots and free throws is a relatively easy skill. It doesn't take thousands of hours to learn. It can be learned relatively quickly. Most players just have to un-learn the ineffective habits they've acquired.

The Swish Story

Our story begins in 1989. Minnesota high school star and ex-college basketball player, Tom Nordland, was working at Apple Computer in Cupertino, California. During his lunch break, Tom decided to pick up a basketball and shoot some baskets for the first time in six years.  After a few minutes of warmup Tom's high school form reappeared and he started to swish everything from everywhere in his range.  He asked himself how it was possible that, 32 years after his high school success and after almost a decade of not touching a basketball, he could re-capture such great shooting touch. A fire was lit inside of him.

Tom began to research and vigorously dissect the art of shooting.  He volunteered at local high schools and began to write a book which later became the basis of the original Swish video. Tom has been making discoveries about shooting ever since. He's released two more full length videos and has worked with players, coaches, and teams at every level of the game from High School to the NBA.

Join the Mission

Join Tom in his "Mission!" The game needs it. Kids at all levels shooting consistently high percentages of jump shots and free throws is a thrilling possibility. Plays work better when everyone can shoot well. Kids will have more fun throughout their basketball lives if they can shoot better. Self image and self esteem will rise. Watching games in person or on TV will be more exciting. Basketball as a thrilling, athletic and artistic dance to play and watch will truly become a possibility.