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Marketing the highly-acclaimed "Swish" Shooting Videos

Help promote the Swish, Swish 2 and Swish 3 Videos!
You can now help promote a "Shooting Renaissance" by marketing the Swish videos and getting commissions for your efforts. This is done by simply placing special banner ads and/or text link(s) on your website which link to our website. The rest is automatic! We handle the orders and you get commissions.

"Swish" was produced by Tom Nordland in early 1997 and "Swish 2" was produced in early 2005. Swish 3 came out in 2012 and is about the "Swish Free Throw."   They are marketed by his company, Swish International, Inc., and are considered to be some of the best shooting videos ever produced. Close to one hundred thousand videos have now been sold, without upfront, paid advertising, thanks to the power of the Internet.

You may have seen the videos already, and that is why you want to market them. You may have heard great things about them from others, or you may have read the articles Tom Nordland has written or the tremendous testimonials he is getting for the videos and his coaching.

This is a Renaissance!
These videos are part of a shooting Renaissance for the game of basketball. Poor shooting need not be the norm any more. Great shooting is possible for every player! Kids not knowing what to practice or how to practice can now learn what to do to become great "pure" shooters. Coaches who have been struggling to coach shooting now have a simple yet very powerful Method for coaching at all levels of the Game.

Videos, Clinics, Camps, Coaches' Training
As part of what you can do to help, you can become an "Affiliate" with Swish International, Inc., and market the Swish videos and get commissions for your efforts. You can also be in contact with the Swish organization to set up clinics and camps at your school or in your city. We also wish to train coaches across the country in his Method, so you can participate that way.

The Affiliate Software automatically tracks everything!
With this program, sales and commisions are tracked automatically by a company called "ShareASale." Their programs allow you to check at any time to see what your sales for the month are, and what commissions you have earned

Commission Structure
Everyone gets the standard Commission rate of 40%!  Special Affiliates who offer extra marketing power and success in getting orders are bumped up to 50%.

It's simple to become an Affiliate
First, be assured that the information you give to us will be protected. We do not give out or sell any such information to anyone. ShareASale likewise protects the business information you give us/them. Please call us (888/794-7422) if you have any concerns in this area.

To join us as an Affiliate, just click here: ShareASale Signup
There is an Approval process you need to go through. ShareASale will check to make sure you are the owner of your website, for example, and they have ways to check for spammers. This is to your and our benefit as it weeds out phony companies and people who are just playing around, not serious Affiliates. You also need to have some connection to sports and basketball.

After you are approved, you will be given a choice of banner ads and a generic text link. You can also write up personal text links. You will be assigned an ID # and emailed back the simple html code (just a couple lines) you need to add to your website to start the process.

We'll work with you to determine how best the video could be advertised. As soon as you install the code on your site, any visitor who then clicks on your link(s) to go to the Swish Website and then orders one or more of the Swish videos will result in a sales commission for you. It's easy to track your sales -- the system allows you to look up your sales activity at any time. And by the 20th of the following month, ShareASale will send you a check for the commissions for the prior month. Note that our typical sale is two of the three DVD's in a discounted Package for ~$20.00-$25.00. The commission on such sales is $8.00 to $12.50.  (This newly-revised website for Swish22.com is more "mobile" oriented. With Social Media we expect much greater exposure this way, so the lower prices will be offset by volume.  Prices have dropped, too, as we are targeting more the younger market who communicate via mobile devices.)  

Video-On-Demand (VOD) sales are as low as $7.95 for each of the videos, whereas physical "DVD's" are $19.95 each. Packages (bundles) of 2-3 videos are either $29.90 or $39.90. See Store page for the details.

We would love to welcome you as an Affiliate to share this great shooting video with Internet visitors from all over the world. We'll keep you posted as to what's happening with the Renaissance and how you can help us and benefit from it. Call if you have any questions.

--- Tom Nordland, Boulder Creek, California
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