Swish Basketball Coaching

What makes Swish Different?

Tom takes the mystery out of shooting a basketball.  Players learn quickly how  to control the "Flight of a Ball!"  Swish breaks down the shot into simple, easily-learned pieces and then shows how to put it back together.  It teaches self awareness and self-coaching, and teaches coaches how to guide their players into this powerful and simple approach, the way of the great shooters!

Camps and Clinics

Learn a simple and powerful way to practice or coach shooting!  Swish will be hosting a variety of camps and clinics for all ages and ability levels as we find and train coaches to teach them.  We have a database now of ~175coaches around the country who have purchased the Swish eBook and are serious about learning how to coach the Swish Way.  As they get up to speed and wish to be asked to coach, we'll list and refer them to you by location.

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Private Coaching

Are you or your team looking for more one-on-one attention.  Get even more out of your study of Swish by scheduling some one-on-one time with a private coach.