Where should I look when I'm shooting?

Q: I know you have covered this but can't find it - Where do you look when shooting? I have read 1) front of rim, 2) back of rim, 3) middle of the basket opening and 4) at or between the net holder hooks closest to you.

A: I used to think I looked at the front rim and imagined "high over the front rim," but now I realize it's most effective to just see the whole rim and basket without staring at any one thing.

Note if you look at the front rim, it's a target you don't want to actually hit. Same for the back rim, you don't want to hit what you're staring at. You might look at the middle of the basket, but that's vague. And staring at a hook is usually off target.

The body is pretty smart, and concentration works to quiet our minds, so the above focuses can work, but most of them require a compensation, which complicates things.

I think it's effective, thus, to have what I call "soft vision," seeing the whole thing without focusing on anything. Then the body will know where everything is.

Try it all different ways and see what makes the most sense to you. I find with my method I can close my eyes (after I see the target) and shoot fairly well. I can even look at the ground (at a spot exactly under the basket) and shoot pretty well, even 3's, because of the way I fire off my Release the same every time. It works better to look at the target, of course, but the body is amazing at "knowing" where things are if you give it good input.