What should I go if every shot comes up short?

Q: My daughter is an 8th grade point guard. Lately when she shoots, many of her shots hit dead center/but off the front of the rim. Can you suggest what needs to be done to correct this and are there any drills she can do to improve? Thank you in advance for your insight.

A: It's probably a lack of leg and lower/middle body power (let's call it "leg drive"). Ask her to rate from 1-10 how strong her leg drive is (I call it UpForce). As she gets aware that it's pretty weak, it will get stronger. Then ask her to tell you what percent of the available leg power she's shooting FROM. It may be a low percent.

Tell her to experiment with both giving it a more powerful leg drive and using a higher percent of what's available. She doesn't have to jump high, just get those bigger muscles moving upward and then tapping into that power.

It will require that she shoot quicker, earlier, and her shots will go higher and have more range. The big lower/middle body muscles also "stabilize" shooting, so she'll be more consistent.