Tricks for adjusting a new gym

Q: Tom, From your experience, how long does it take to adjust to a gym where the depth perception is different than what you are used to? Any tricks to faking out your body's natural instincts when you don't have much pre-game practice time?

A: When I played, I never had any problem adjusting to different gyms. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because my method is so "automatic," all I had to do was connect visually with the basket and let it fly, varying height for the distance. Very simple. If a motion is complicated and variable, then the slightest doubt or fear can magnify the difficulty.

Maybe your son and his teammates just let it bother them. If you "think" there's a problem, then there probably is. Ask them what they noticed. Were they bothered by the different appearance or the background? Was it a vision problem? Maybe all they needed was to connect more powerfully to the basket and trust themselves a little more strongly.