Should I spend time in the mid-range? A lot of players are practicing 3's and dunks.

Q: Hi. I'm a sophomore in high school. i notice a lot of people are shooting 3 pointers and are either dunking. When i practice, should I practice more on my mid-range game? Will that open things up?

A: Absolutely! Hone your skills from in-close -- that's where technique is learned!!! The players who spend all their time at the 3-Pt line trying for heroic shots or working on their spin moves and dunks are not developing good habits for the majority of shots and free throws.

Get my video, if you can. It will show you a very powerful, yet simple, way to learn to shoot all shots. When you can make the 5 footers, and the 10 footers and the 15-18 footers, then 3's are just an extension of that, with maximum leg drive and a tremendous Follow Through and completion. But you have to master the Release motion first, and that's learned in close. It needs to be "repeatable" for best performance. And you want a high arch and a soft landing. And the same spin every time. These are the things I teach. This is what is called "pure" shooting. It's a lost art, but it's been found and you can learn it.

Make sure you read all my articles. There is "gold" on my Website. Find it and mine it and you'll become a better and better shooter, maybe even without the video. With the video, you're shown exactly the simple things you need to master to become and stay a great shooter the rest of your basketball life.