Shooting 3s

My video shows how to shoot all shots, but I do not specifically show the 3 pt shot. The omission wasn't intentional and if I were to do it again, I would address that shot. To me, the "three" is just a big jump shot or set shot.

The 3 Pt shot just requires "maximum" leg drive (what I call UpForce). If you concentrate on shooting as early, as quickly as possible in the jumping motion, you'll find a lot of power. You should have enough to shoot pretty easily from there if you're strong enough.

Test it out. Start your jump and shoot as quickly as possible to "catch" all the energy you can. I think you'll find you have plenty of range.

The arch you choose depends on how much strength you feel, so be ready to vary that.

For 3's, you also need to be powerfully focused on the basket, before, during and after the shot. Hold the Follow Through powerfully to get that extra bit of accuracy.