Performance under pressure

Response to a girl who asked about how to perform better under pressure:

As to performance under pressure, just train yourself to be very connected to the basket as you go to shoot, and make the Release strong and full out, snapping and held strongly through the Follow Through (driven by a strong UpForce, of course). I know there will be fear, but see if you can make the Release "fearless." If your Release is affected by the doubt and fear, you'll miss, and usually short, as the Release won't be completed well. Remember that all you need to do is fire the Release off quick and strong, to the end of your arm, connected to the target. It's an easy motion.

You KNOW you can shoot now. It's just a matter of believing in yourself and having a way, under pressure, to do what you know you can.

A parent recently told me of this coaching idea he had for his son. The son was worried about missing his shots, as he had started to do after learning my Method and having great success. As the son was about to play in a key tryout, the dad told him his first job was to watch and perform the elements of your video on Thursday. He begrudgingly agreed and his shot came back.

"The only thing I added to what you were showing in the video was that I told him I couldn't wait to see him miss a shot, because I wanted to see his form after a miss. He seemed to like that - a miss was not important anymore. He knew the pressure was on without me telling him. Before the tryout I threw him a few balls and asked him to miss so I could see the next shot. He was playing with some of the best 16's in the state. His floor game was superb, but he missed 3 of the first 4 shots. From then on, he made 14 of the next 15 shots and made the team. I credit his willingness to miss, along with the technique you taught him."