How should I shoot bank shots?

I didn't even mention bank shots in my video, and I often forget to address them in my clinics. That's because it is an easy shot from a very small area of the court. It might be only 5% of the shots or fewer. But I do need to talk about them.

My coaching for this shot is that it requires a different kind of Release, so it's not at all like the jump shot or free throw that I coach. It requires a flipping motion or a throwing motion, the antithesis of what I suggest for the other shots.

It's an important shot but I don't feel there is the failure in this shot that there is in the jumper or free throw. Anyone can coach it. It just requires learning in what zones of the court it's appropriate and how and where you need to hit the backboard and then practicing it a lot. There's no mystery to it. It's not a beautiful shot like the high arching swish shots I focus on. But, as you can see from the San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan, who has revived attention to it, it's a very effective shot.

If that's all you practice, however, you could lose some the pure Swish technique I coach, which requires a relaxed wrist and hand, not the flipping or throwing action that the bank shot demands.