How shoot well from in-close?

Q: I have what I think is an interesting problem. I know why it occurs, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I was playing H-O-R-S-E yesterday and getting killed on shots inside the paint, so I moved back to about 24 ft from the basket. I swished four in a row and won. For some reason, that is what I normally do: if my shot feels off, I step back.

I know that my shot feels the best from that distance because I use my legs more and everything is fluid. However, how do I get that same feeling on close shots? I am always afraid to use my legs a great deal from closer in, or I hold on to the ball too long and lose my leg power.

Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Do I just shoot the ball higher from a closer distance, working on getting more arc on the ball?"

A: All you need do is raise your Set Point for the close-in shots, maybe anything inside 10-12 feet. Experiment and see what height works. If you raise it up, it weakens the Release and allows you to fire it off more quickly and fully, without holding back. It's very simple. What works is the "full out" Release, about 70-75% of maximum speed and force, with relaxed wrist and hand. If you're real close, you can add some "hang time" before you shoot because the target is so large and the margin for error is large. That close you don't need all of the UpForce, but don't wait until the top of the jump, because then you lose the "stability" factor of the powerful lower body energy.

You should find you are able to make just about every one of those shots, as the margin for error is so huge and the full-out, constant Release makes accuracy so easy.