How can I recover when my shooting goes cold?

Q: A player asked what he could do when he starts to miss after shooting well for awhile. He knows the Swish method.

A: Shoot quicker and more powerfully from the UpForce, for one, and have a tremendous connection with the target as you shoot, a powerful Follow Through. Hold the Follow Through longer. I'm assuming your Release is relaxed, full out, a push and not a throw or flip. If not, work on that first.

The UpForce will stabilize and the F/Through will complete the action as well as possible.

From my experience, when shooting starts to go south (or go north, as the Aussies might say it), check first to see if you are getting a high percentage of power from the leg drive or UpForce. Usually this is the source of shooting problems, as players hesitate before shooting. Try to jump straight up off the dribble, as much as possible, but if you have to be moving a little left and right, do your best. The U/F will help if you "catch" the body's energy and the Release will translate that into a directional action. If you check on this and "up" the percentage by shooting earlier, most problems will disappear.

If you're shooting from a high percentage of this energy and still missing, then your problem is probably with the Release. Check your Set Point. Is it giving you enough power? If you have it too high or bring it overhead, you'll tend to throw the ball, trying to generate more power. If it's too low, you might feel you're too strong and try to hold back. Check the alignment, and then check to make sure your Release action is an upward, quick pushing motion, directly on line and held powerfully in the Follow Through. Make sure your wrist and hand remain relaxed during the Release and Follow Through.

You will know what to do if you increase awareness, incorporating the simple things I suggest. The basket is large. If you are coming in from a high arch, the landing area is quite large. If, however, you're wristing or throwing your shots with a flat arch, it makes shooting more difficult.