High arching shots vs. gravity accelerating ball

Q: I have been practicing using the method outline in your Swish video. I agree that a high arching shot increasing the size of the target (more of a circle than an oval), but the ball will be falling at a faster speed with that trajectory. My observation is if the shot is close, it'll either fall right through, or rebound high and far. A more horizontal shot will be falling slower, but also towards the basket. What are your thoughts?

A: In my opinion, if you shoot very high, say 8', 10' or more above the rim, then gravity starts to accelerate the ball. But for shots less high than that, there is some acceleration but the horizontal speed is greatly reduced, so the overall effect is a softer landing than a flat, "hot" shot. Can you see by pushing the ball upward, rather than throwing or flipping it horizontally, you have a softer shot? And you also get the benefit of the larger landing area, coming in from on high. Big advantages.