Efficiency of the Swish videos

Q: Does the program increase your shot dramatically? How much of an improvement will i see?

A: Results from the Swish video can be extraordinary, but how much you develop as a shooter will depend on how good a "Learner" you are. There are a few simple things you have to learn that open up the world of accurate, consistent shooting. But great ideas of anything physical have to be translated into "experience" to be learned. That's up to you, but you can see from all the remarkable testimonials that many people are transforming themselves with this Method. In my clinics, almost everyone has terrific breakthroughs.

The video reveals what I call the "secrets" of great shooting, the simple, natural shooting principles that players like Jeff Hornacek, Detlef Schrempf, Chris Mullin, etc. live by on a basketball court. They're not secrets, really, but most people are asleep and don't see them. Once you see them AND understand them (intellectually and physically), you'll be able to coach yourself to dramatically improved shooting. It takes awareness and commitment and practice and patience.

You'll get immediate results, so it's not something you have to trust will work eventually.

Q: Is it easy to follow?

A: Yes, very easy, very simple. That's why I have such great endorsements and testimonials. It's guaranteed unconditionally for 90 days. What do you have to lose except your ineffective shooting stroke?