Developing confidence with a new stroke

As far as confidence, just observe it. As Haley "gets" the pure Release, can she trust herself to pull the trigger and fire it, full-out, (No holding back!) as she goes to shoot? (Of course she can!) It takes all the guessing out, and she should start to feel better about shooting as they start to drop. She still has to to these things:

· Find her opening and decide to shoot
· Connect with the target
· Start the UpForce, and
· Get the ball to the Set Point, aligned with eye and target

But then she can just pull the trigger and let it go. The judgment of how high is an instinctive, last-second adjustment.

Her confidence will naturally grow as she learns to trust herself and do this simple shot. If she panicks and reverts to old habits, no big deal. It's to be expected! But at some point she'll really believe in this, trust herself and start to make a lot of shots. Then her confidence will soar, and the greater confidence will result in more calm and relaxation under pressure and she'll perform even better. I call it an upward spiral of success: improved performance leads to more confidence leads to improved performance leads to more confidence leads to improved performance, etc. etc.

Please ask her to write me with what she is getting from all this. How does she feel about her shot and what does she notice about her confidence, trust and willingness to "Let it fly!"