Coaching yourself using awareness

Try to minimize your analysis what should be or shouldn't be. Just watch your body figure it out. The keys are to shoot from the powerful leg power, early, quick, aimed high, and then to relax the wrist and hand and shoot with a pushing action, upward, full-out (about 70-75% of max.), to the end of the arm every time, with a bouncing hand, it's so relaxed (and predictable). Stay connected to the target throughout the whole action, and hold the Follow Through to complete the action. Swish! Swish! Swish!

If you're in close, you can raise the Set Point so you can shoot more quickly and full out without worrying about being too strong. You can also hesitate before shooting when in close, since you don't need all the strength and stability of the leg force.

Higher is better. A suggestion: Never "under"-jump. Jump at least strongly enough for a high shot and, if you feel it's too much, just shoot higher. If you're underpowered, you're either going to be short or you'll have to add variables with the arm, wrist and/or hand to make up the difference, and your percentage will go down. Sure, you can make any shot once in awhile, even with terrible technique, but to be a great shooter, you need repeatability!