Ball Rotation

Q: Hello Tom, i am a 14 year old kid writing to you concerning a question on shooting. I am the starting Shooting Guard on my basketball team from Minnesota. Both of my coaches are always telling me to shoot the ball and that i am a good shot. Yes i do agree with them because i do make a majority of my shots.

The only problem i have is with putting rotation on the ball. I don't think that i have enough on the ball in fact i can see that it doesn't have enough on it. I am wondering how to put more rotation on the ball?

if you could answer this question in either your next news letter or write back to me personally i would greatly appreciate that.

A: When you say you don't have enough rotation on the ball, how do you know? Please describe your rotation to me. I assume it's backspin. Is it slow backspin, very slow backspin, medium, medium-slow, etc. etc.?

My first thought is that you are probably "doing something" with your wrist and hand to power or control the shot, and thereby interfering with natural, medium backspin. I notice with my shooting that I get medium backspin every time due to the quick, strong pushing action of the arm. Notice your wrist and hand as you shoot. Are they totally relaxed, or are they tense (a little or a lot) and involved with the powering or controlling of the shot? Try relaxing the wrist as you straighten the arm. You'll find you get nice, medium backspin every time. It won't be as powerful a Release as one with wrist and hand firing, but it will be much more repeatable. The leg drive energy will make up the difference.